College Of Creative Design, Asia University
  • Last Update: 2015/10/20
The University conducts its education with sincerity. In every aspect of food, shelter, housing and getting around, it makes a special effort to care for its students, giving its students the peace of mind to concentrate on their learning and growth. This includes:
1   Scholarships
  To help students continue to go to school, especially underprivileged students, the university has established many types of scholarships and student aid on a "see a need, help a need" basis.
2   Housing Services
  The University has strengthened its services for students, specially establishing housing services department, to help students with housing related problems.
3    Tutoring
  To strengthen student tutoring, the university has set up a Learning and Career Development Center, which, in conjunction with the Teaching Excellence Planning Office, coordinates and promotes relevant affairs.
4    Language Enhancement
  The university has erected an International Language Corner to help solve English learning issues, offer information on student overseas exchange and study programs, and English proficiency testing and evaluation and similar services.
5   Reflection and Rectification Center
  The university's Reflection and Rectification Center encourages faculty and students to use the university's free telephone services talk to parents and family members.
6    Career planning
  Learning and Career Development Center energetically assists students in improving their learning methods, elevating their learning performance, guiding students from being novice learners to graduates ready to compete in the working world.