College Of Creative Design, Asia University
  • Last Update: 2015/10/20
  • Facing the challenge of globalization and focusing on brand design development trend, the Design College evolves specialties as following:
  • -visual arts for communication,
  • -fine crafts of culture and creativity,
  • -fashion design with humanity aesthetic and management,
  • -digital recreation and entertainment industries,
  • -care design for social welfare,
  • -help students to get job, explore life and toward the world.

  • Department of Media and Design
    Animation, web, games, choose a specialization:
    Academic, cultural humanities, or aesthetic

    Department of Visual Communication Design
    Combining texts and images to create beauty,
    Using integrated digital technology to broadcast information.

    Department of Creative Product Design
    The creative fusion of technology and humanities,
    Designing and creating beauty with caring.

    Department of Fashion Design
    Fusion of popular fashion and aesthetic art,
    To build brand value and fashion trends

  • Department of Interior Design
    Focus on design theory, technical skills, as well as studio classes addressing residential and commercial spaces such as health care, retail, office environment and hospitality.