College Of Creative Design, Asia University
  Focus of Development
  • Last Update: 2015/10/20
  • Department of Media and Desig

  • Studies in the Three Classics will shape you into an all-powerful martial artist of design
  • Animation electives: training in computer animation including the basic capabilities of planning, design and production, to inculcate wonderful animation skills. Elective courses in multimedia design: from web design, film and television music, to interactive multimedia design, these courses will make you a master of multimedia integration. Professional elective courses in game design and planning: from the planning, setting, characters, and level design, to developing programs and artificial intelligence to create perfect virtual realities, so that players forget to return from the game's virtual world.

  • Visual Communication Design Department
  • Brand Design Program: advertising design, brand strategy, image planning, cultivating a main brand and advertising designers. Creative Design Process: How to design for the traditional cultural industries, using "old is new" to create new ideas, cultivating cultural and marketing design talent. Graphic Design Program: illustrations, dynamic clip design, web design, graphic arts creative talent•

  • Creative Product Design Department
  • A wealth of product design knowledge to provide complete professional training. Creation of "popular boutique design", "cultural and creative product design" and "industrial design" and other specialized courses, provides students with a diversity of learning opportunities, making students interested in in-depth exploration of product design.

  • Department of Fashion Design
  • Established on the basis of "using fashion and popular thinking", the Department's development direction is threefold:

    1. Fashion Design: Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, fabric materials.
    2. Design: make-up design, hair design, integrated design and other fields.
    3. Brand Marketing: fashion brand, consumer psychology, branding and media strategies, and other fields.