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The College of Creative Design was established in 2007. Currently it has 5 departments, a graduate institute and a PhD program. It encompasses the five major domains of digital, graphic, interior, and fashion design. It includes the Department of Media and Design, established in the 2001 academic year, the Masters program in Digital Media Design, established in the 2004 academic year, the PhD program in Digital Media Design established in the 2010 academic year, the Departments of Visual Communication Design and Creative Product Design, established in the 2007 academic year, and the continuing education program and Department of Fashion Design, established in the 2010 academic year. In the future the College will establish graduate programs in visual communication design and in fashion design, and a creative design PhD.

To fully use creative design to promote industrial upgrading and improvement of the aesthetic quality of the economy and national life.

Goals of the College
To keep pace with the national development of cultural and creative industries, uphold the school mission of "health, caring, innovation, and excellence", to cultivate humanities and arts training, innovation and design abilities, combine theory and practice, to create design professionals with local and international cross-cultural vision.

Basic literacy and core competencies
Humanities, Art, Innovation, Design

College Curriculum and Required Courses
Humanities (design history, design aesthetics), art (modern art and design trends, graphic design), creative (cultural introduction to creative design, design drafting), design (introduction to design, basic design 1, basic design 2)