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Visual Design Department

Strong Demand for Talented Designer

The rapid development of economy and society, change the human need and the way they are thinking. Mankind intention shifts to quality aspect over quantity. Moreover, many people think that soul satisfaction is urged to be fulfilled. This satisfaction fulfillment is related to harmonious of the beauty and aesthetic. on the other hand, design industry is the most common way to achieve this satisfaction. That’s why nowadays the demand for talented designers is calling and stronger.

Training of High-Level Design Talents
In order to cultivate the innovative, creative and talented student skills, and with the improvement of economics, architecture and quality of life. Department of Visual Communication Design provides a comprehensive course, lab, and equipment to support students to stay competitive through visual communication abilities.

Development of Students’ Innovation Ability
The department aims to maintain and develop students’ ability in visual communication. The students are required to think creatively, innovatively also good in analyzing and interpreting.

Curriculum Fitting with the Needs of Era

To be fitted with the needs of the era, the curriculum program is combined between high-tech and modern arts. The course covers computer graphics, multimedia, animation, video production and so forth.

Ranking the First of “University School Evaluation” in Private School (Group Three) by the Ministry of Education
The university has been evaluated excellent in six aspects, consist of social sciences, engineering, international student program, educational promotion, the auxiliary, and administrative aspects. This evaluation held by the Ministry of Education in 1994. In addition, the university also ranked as the top one in private school (group three).

Winning the “University Excellence Teaching Program” Prize of the Ministry of Education for Six Consecutive Years
Asia University has an excellent program entitled “I Love My School” that comes from one of university vision and make it as its long-term goal. Although as a newly established university, AU has won awards for “University Excellence Teaching Program” for six consecutive years and compete with other universities. Asia University has received NTD$83 million from the Ministry of Education since 1995.

Winning the “National Excellence Construction Award” with Elegant Art on Campus
The university becomes the campus elegant art with Greco-Roman school buildings, lotus pond, and planted trees and flowers of cherry blossoms in spring, lotus in summer, Chinese redbud (also called Hong Kong cherry) in autumn, and roses in winter. It won the “National Excellence Construction Award” in May, 2019. It is stated that “Rise of Asia University among the rapid expanded higher education in Taiwan shows the creator’s vision in shaping school plans step-by-step, blending planting and ecological campus construction orderly. Furthermore, through Ando museum, it expected as another scenic architecture reference in Taiwan.